Our Story

Hello from the Great Lakes State!

My name is Karry Brook, and you’ve landed here at Goods and Gather! Formally known as Goods LLC, and my one-time brick and mortar, Goods Detroit. I now run a small batch, independent, design, screenprint, sewing, and fiber art business from my home-studio.

Let me tell you a little about how I got started, and the journey that it has taken!

With a degree, and background in graphic and advertising design, I found myself looking for trendy onesies for my newborn son back in 2005. At the time, the offerings were slim for cool designs for boys, and I had recently taken a screenprinting class at the College for Creative Studies during my studies. With some research, I began hand screen printing a few designs on tees and onesies just for him.

I had dabbled in sewing since I was taught around the age of five, so it wasn’t outlandish for me to eventually put my love for simple designs together with clothing. People started asking where they could buy the one-off designs my son was wearing, and so it began! First in a few local baby boutiques, then to online sales, then the expansion to my six-year stint as a brick-and-mortar in Detroit’s Midtown.

I’ve adapted my designs, had more children, expanded my offerings to include sewing, apparel and fiber art, and changed with the times. I never expected to turn it into a business, but I’ve been a maker since I could scribble on paper. So it was only natural to keep creating! I’m constantly learning and perfecting my craft, and hope you’ve followed me along the way.

I currently take my Goods on the road, where you will find me at street fairs, art fairs, pop-ups and selling online. I also take custom orders, just fill out the form and I will get back to you.

Thank you for allowing me to share my creative “Goods” with you, I hope you continue to follow!