After gawking for ten years over what I think is one of the most amazing machines , I finally got my hands on a vintage circular sock knitter. To truly understand what they are, you will have to Youtube a video or two; at least until I decide to officially post one!

My 1924 Gearhart sock knitter can crank out a sock faster than I would ever dream of knitting. While these machines have a learning curve, and occasionally like to make you scream, they crank out an amazing pair of socks!

Knitting up these amazing socks lead me to start playing with yarn, and eventually dyeing yarn to achieve patterns and colorsĀ  that I wasn’t finding.

I use quality merino wool, and merino blends for the squishiest pairs of socks. The yarn is dyed using a combination of natural and acid dyes to achieve the most unique and lovely colors. If you love a good pair of socks, and are a sock snob like me, you’ll want to follow along for when I have pairs available for sale!

If you would like to be on the waiting list for a pair of hand-cranked socks, or hand-dyed yarn, please fill out the custom request.